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PEO & Employee Leasing




As a PEO (Professional Employers Organization) we offer a suite of HR services for our clients.

The concept of a PEO is new to most organizations, but a Professional Employers Organization offers a comprehansive approach to HR tasks for small and medium sized organizations, thus allowing them to manage their business.

It is important to understand that a PEO is not a temp agency, an employment agency or an outsourcing firm, rather we enter into a co-employment agreement with you in regards to managing your employees. We manage the time-consuming responsibilities of HR, while you manage the day to day responsibilities, thereby refining your focus and allowing you to growing your business.

In a standard PEO, you retain the day-to-day control over how you manage your employees, and Advantage handles the HR Management, payroll and benefits administration.


Our suite of services may be selected individually or as a bundle, and include:


> Employement Administration

> Payroll & payroll tax administration

> Employee Benefits

> Recruiting & Hiring

> Head Hunting Services

> Employee Wellness Program

> Employee Training & Developement

> Hr Consulting

> Business Services


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Professional Employer's Organization

An organization that enters into contract with small and medium sized business to manage the time-consuming responsibilities of HR, while allowing the client to focus on growing their business.

When entering into contract with a PEO- the employee works for both the PEO and the client- the PEO provides strategic HR and Business services, and the client manages the day to day responsibilities thereby streamlining and growing their business.

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